Why I Support Proposition 6-Water For Texas

Proposition 6 is on the ballot November 5, 2013. Here’s some of the backstory as to where it came from, why it was proposed, and why I support its adoption. If you are curious about Texas’ water supply for the next 50 years, this video is for you.

Drought Update for Texas – July 2013

Mark McPherson reviews the latest drought monitor and seasonal drought outlook, discusses the TCEQ order suspending water rights in a segment of the Brazos River, and takes a look at other effects of the drought around Texas

Mark McPherson’s Linkedin Introductory Video

More about me, the author of the Enviropinions social media network.

Suggestions from an Auditor-Financial Controls for Dumping/Landfill Operations

Review of 5 deficiencies of internal financial controls at City of Dallas landfill operations (audit dated 9-7-12); these apply to any business that relies on tipping or dumping fees-construction sites, land reclamation projects, etc. Helpful info to know in negotiating contracts and otherwise counseling these businesses.

New Enviro Rules for Oil and Gas Co.’s in TX-MSS

TCEQ is beginning a new rulemaking project under Clean Air Act to regulate maintenance, startup and shutdown emissions for oil and gas operations. These will apply to all operations outside the Barnett Shale. Stakeholder mtgs. in different locations around the state begin 9-27-12, end 10-9-12. If you’re not at the table, you may be on the menu.

Recycling Logo Trivia-Bet You Didn’t Know

Do you know what the three arrows in the recycling logo stand for? It’s probably not what you think. Do you know who designed the logo? Mark McPherson answers these and other questions about the ubiquitous recycling logo.