The New-For-2012 TCEQ Aggregate Production Operation Rules

Mark McPherson explains the new TCEQ rules and fees (30 TAC Chapter 342) that apply to Aggregate Production Operations. These rules take effect Sept. 1, 2012. Mark shares one helpful tip that allows APOs to defer TCEQ inspection requirements until Sept. 1, 2015.

TWDB Groundwater Rules Project-Part 3

My number 1 concern with the new Texas Water Development Board rules for groundwater planning.

The Draft 2012 TWDB Groundwater Mgt. Rules-Part 1 of 2

In 2012 the Texas Water Development Board proposed new rules for groundwater planning during the next planning cycle(s). If you use, or plan to use, groundwater, these new rules will have a profound effect on your groundwater rights. In this series of videos I explain the pitfalls and challenges of these new rules.

The Controversies of the Draft TWDB Groundwater Mgt. Rules-Part 2

The Texas Water Development Board undertook a major effort to revise its rules that will govern groundwater management for the next several planning cycles.  This is Part 2 of my explanation of the pitfalls and challenges of these new rules for those who intend to use Texas groundwater.

Interviewing Bob Sweeney, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Interview with Bob Sweeney, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.In 2012 I was honored to be Course Director of the Advanced Real Estate Law Course (TexasBarCLE).  I had asked Bob Sweeney to come speak on the program about the rights of Texas landowners in river banks and stream beds, and after he spoke I had an opportunity to ask him some more questions about this practical area of the law.  Check out the video on the Enviropinions YouTube channel.

The Art and Science of Commenting on Agency Rules, Part 1

Commenting on proposed agency and water district rules is part of my practice I particularly enjoy. Here’s why-and what is unique about me that has formed my abilities to design and draft comments.