The McPherson LawFirm represents clients across Texas in all aspects of environmental law, including rights and disputes involving surface water, groundwater, air quality, waste management and disposal, and recycling. The LawFirm also leads due diligence evaluations of contaminated properties and assists client in understanding environmental conditions and selecting cleanup options. Clients of the LawFirm include environmental permit holders, applicants and opponents, and others involved in using, regulating, and maintaining the natural resources of Texas.

Mark McPherson has been developing this unique focus on environmental and water issues in Texas for over twenty years. His passionate commitment to this area of the law has created an in-depth understanding of these complex issues. Mark serves his clients’ interests with his dedication to research and knowledge, and is frequently asked to speak, teach and write on environmental law and water rights topics.

As the debates over our environment heat up, Mark continues to conduct extensive research and offer valuable insight to clients interested in these critical issues. Keep up with Mark’s perspective by following Enviropinions on your favorite social media, and check back here regularly for important updates.

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