Complying with Environmental Laws

Environmental regulations that apply to any particular issue are usually voluminous, sometimes onerous, and often unclear.  What isn’t obvious is that many rules include subjective as well as objective elements.  There may be multiple ways to meet their requirements.  Among different compliance options, some may be very expensive while others may be more affordable.  The devil is often in the details.  These factors all combine to make complying with environmental laws very challenging.

A healthy skepticism is required when dealing with agencies, because they don’t always interpret and apply their rules and regulations correctly.  At the same time, agencies must be respected and dealt with appropriately. Mark has experience in striking the right balance between respect and skepticism when negotiating and clarifying clients’ compliance requirements with agencies.

Whether your issue involves air, waste, petroleum, water, or multimedia, Mark McPherson can help bring clarity and purpose to your efforts to comply with environmental laws, providing guidance to economical solutions.