Environmental Permits

The number of operations that require environmental permits seems to grow by the day, as Congress, the Texas Legislature, the EPA or the TCEQ conclude that more materials or activities pose a threat to human health or the environment. 


 The permitting process often requires parties to blend an environmental consultant’s technical expertise with environmental counsel’s legal expertise.  When necessary or helpful, Mark McPherson has relationships with environmental consultants across Texas and is experienced in managing those relationships economically in the context of permit applications.


Permit applications can unexpectedly become adversary proceedings, opposed by NIMBY neighbors (not in my back yard), and competitors.  This is especially true with water permits.  Mr. McPherson also has experience representing parties opposing permits, guiding his clients into the contest by filing appearances in the permit application proceeding, seeking party status, and objecting to the requested permit to either prevent its issuance or change terms in the permit as issued.  Being familiar with both filing and objecting to permit applications gives Mr. McPherson a more complete perspective which can benefit his clients.


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