Groundwater Management Area 8

In 2001, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) divided Texas into 16 different areas, each designated a groundwater management area (GMA).

GMAs cover all major and minor aquifers in the state. The TWDB’s objective was to delineate areas considered suitable for management of groundwater resources. A GMA ideally coincides with the boundaries of a groundwater reservoir or a subdivision of a groundwater reservoir, but the TWDB may also define it by other factors, including the boundaries of political subdivisions.

GMAs are designated by numbers.  GMA 8 covers the GCDs in and around Dallas-Fort Worth.  The GCD representatives to GMA 8 must undertake “joint planning” for the groundwater resources in GMA 8.  To accomplish this task, each GCD in GMA 8 sends one GCD representative to regular meetings with each other (GMA 8 meetings). 

GMAs are not legal entities.  They are only areas drawn by the TWDB pursuant to statutory requirements.  Therefore, GMA 8 has no budget of its own, or officers, or a governing board.  However, most groundwater use planning occurs at GMA 8 meetings of the GCD representatitives.  Activities at this regional level are governed by the Texas Water Code as well as certain regulations promulgated by the TWDB and TCEQ.

Groundwater Districts in GMA Region 8North Texas District Upper Trinity Dstrict Middle Trinity District Northern Trinity District Prairieland District Southern Trinity District Red River District Prairieland District Prairieland District Post Oak Savannah District Clearwater District Central Texas District Saratoga District Fox Crossing District


The following interlocal agreement was unanimously adopted by the GCD representatives to GMA 8 in 2011, and governs meetings of the GCD representatives to GMA 8.

GMA 8 Interlocal Agreement

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