Why Retain Me

This page describes my professional practice philosophies, billing philosophies, and other principles that guide how my LawFirm provides legal services.

Theory is important, and in the law practice technicalities can be everything. But that doesn’t mean we as lawyers have to put ourselves up in an ivory tower, isolated from reality, to provide top quality service.  I stay focused on not just the theory of the law but also the practicality of the solutions suggested, transactions negotiated, and attacks and defenses made.

I have practiced commercial real estate law from the time I started practicing law in 1990. Environmental issues need real estate lawyers who understand how real estate is used to make money, and the various challenges to that profitability (such as environmental and water supply issues).

Some law firms convert their fax machine and copier into separate profit centers by charging clients for faxes and copies. Charges can be as high as $1 to $2 per page for faxes, and around $0.25 per copy. The McPherson LawFirm, doesn’t do this. Copies and faxes, phone service charges, postage, and most overnight deliveries, are built into the lawfirm’s overhead. It makes for a more simplified invoice. And as a result clients pay for the things that provide real value to them.

Most of my clients are operating businesses.  Because of that, my clients often have limited budgets, both monthly and overall, and I have experience in helping clients set and meet those budgets.

I have chosen areas of law I enjoy, and have limited my practice to these areas only.  I don’t want to be all things to all people. Should you need a lawyer in another field, we may be able to refer you to other counsel, or associate with them on your matters.  I am not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

The law is a jealous mistress, so they say. What they mean is that to be good at it, one must devote one’s life to it more fully than other jobs and professions. The law is living and breathing, always changing.  I believe that lawyers should devote time not just to billing clients or generating work, but to staying informed on developments within their chosen practice areas. Clients pay less to educate the lawyer, and get more value for their money.  I devote substantial non-billed time to keep up with changes in the law by researching and writing professional papers on cutting edge topics of our times, which increases the value of my services and supports my hourly billing rate.

I can act aggressively when needed. But I am not aggressive just to be aggressive or to show off. Transactions and regulatory responses need patience at times, and quick action at other times. Regardless, the choice should be made deliberately as opposed to merely responding in an emotionally reactive manner.

Technology continues to change and challenge the very foundation of the practice of law. It is now possible for a small practice to have all the resources that have historically only been available to large law firms, without the traditionally high associated overhead. Computer databases of statutes, case law and regulations make it possible to provide a higher quality of service in less time and at reduced costs. This lets the McPherson LawFirm stay smaller, quicker, and more flexible, for our clients’ benefit.

Technology also allows the McPherson LawFirm to effectively provide services to clients all over the State of Texas effectively.  My social media efforts show that I believe in modern telecommunications technology and I incorporate it in my practice for the benefit of my clients.

I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy serving my clients and seeing them succeed.  I am grateful for the opportunities my clients provide me.

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